Think about it and you will come to the same conclusion I came to 27 years ago. Unless it's something catastrophic or negative, rarely do you see black and brown people in political cartoons on the editorial pages of mainstream press. You seldom or never see our take, our perspective on world or national issues that impact the black condition in America.

The direness of the black condition, at times in some cartoons, will not provoke a laugh or even a smile but perhaps it will inform, educate or maybe inspire.

My cartoon collection's title, "Just Us!", is a play on the word "justice". Given the turmoil and divisiveness this country is currently experiencing, this book's content could not be more timely and needed.

“Just Us!” is now available and it’s a collection of previously printed editorial cartoons that have intrigued countless readers over an award-winning 50-year career.

There were more than 1,200 cartoons to select from when compiling the book.

Broken down into nine categories, i.e., Obama, GOP, Racism, Transition, Youth/Education, Sports, Cops, Entertainment, Crime, the book visually chronicles the quest of black folks' long and continuing struggle to survive with dignity, despite enduring oppression in both subtle and blatant forms in its own homeland.

Price: $19.95
Just Us Book Cover

The Struggle Continues